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CW40 trade.

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I have a chance to trade for a CW40. However, I've read some pretty bad reviews on the CW40 so I figured I'd come and ask you all what you thought of them. I read a few posts about spring issues.

Give me you honest opinion on this gun.
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There's always a need for another gun..........even for a spare............
Based on my past experience with a k40, which was a nice shooting 40, it was still snappy compared to a 9mm or a 45. I personally like the 45, and enjoy shooting them. If you want the extra pop a 40 provides in a compact gun for sd I can see it....... but I wouldn't enjoy shooting it as a range gun, the 45 has a push when shooting as it's a lower pressure round.
And I thought you were a Howard Johnson's ( remember them ) kind of guy......!!
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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