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CW40 trade.

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I have a chance to trade for a CW40. However, I've read some pretty bad reviews on the CW40 so I figured I'd come and ask you all what you thought of them. I read a few posts about spring issues.

Give me you honest opinion on this gun.
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If I didn't already have a cw45 I might consider trading if it was a good deal. Based on what others have said I'm glad I have the 45. It shoots great.
lefty, Have shot a 45 karh? and if so how do you compare it to the 40 kahr?
You answered as I had read you should. All I've heard is as you wrote. Why do you like the 40 over the 45, Kahr's is what I'm talking about, based on recoil characteristics?
That's why I asked the question. If I were using it for SD then I would want the most responsive gun I had. In this case the 45 would be my selection as less recoil quicker back on target, more comfortable to shoot. One thing going for the 40 was it seemed whenever I was looking for ammo the 40's were most always there. Have said this I'm a firm believer in a guy or gal shooting anything they want to shoot. I'm only thinking out loud reason why I would pick the one over the other. Again, not critiquing here just my thoughts. BTW I've not shot a 40. I've read up on all the Kahrs though and specifically the 40. I've also stayed at the Holiday Inn......grin.
"Therapy"? you wrote? Shooting that 40 is that is what's doing it to your hand? So much so you need THERAPY?. lefty60....maybe you need to change to knives...
Welcome to the forum Davidt855. Nice to hear of your results with the 40.
1 - 6 of 26 Posts
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