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wish I would have held on to mine. With its double stack grip the 9mm mak wasn't to uncomfortably snappy... never had a failure, was also very accurate!!!

I carried mine when I didn't want to worry about a nice gun. With its chrome lined barrel and epox finished slide I didn't worry bout it.

I was really surprised they didn't have a decocker safety. I didn't really trust the safety enough to carry it cocked and locked. I carried with the hammer down.
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I like the cz's.............but I hardly see any in the stores these days around here. I really like the cz75............wouldn't mind owning one some day !!!!!!
Cool gun. I see them for sale on web sites but never in stores.
Yeah...........what's the deal with that ??
I've never laid my hands on a 75, the pawn shop always has a 50, or a 70 around.

I really miss the 52 it comes as close to a 357 mag as a 357 sig. I was pushing a 90gr to 1700fps for 577fp!!!

I took a deer with a 110gr bullet loaded into a reformed 223 case... deer hit the ground before the spent case!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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