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Desantis Superfly Pocket hoster from Armslist

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I bought a Superfly from Armslist yesterday. This is my fourth time using the online site and not had a bad experience yet. I look daily and am always apprehensive about it but met nothing but fine folks, in fact bought from two preachers. I know the potential problems but "just sayin". Any experiences from anybody buying online??

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My neatest ftf was meeting a member of the local forum at the stillwater airport after he flew in.

Since I've been on the local forum I don't really want to deal with anyone that doesn't have a good feedback thread, and be able to read their posts just to see who I'm dealing with, and to see what they have posted about what their selling.

Some very good advice there Toney...............especially when dealing with private parties !!!!!!!
I've had a Desantis Nemesis for several weeks and been very happy with it in the back pocket. I thought I'd try the Superfly based on reports I've read. It sticks really good and doesn't fill the pocket like the Nemesis in width. So far though I like the Nemesis better and don't think that will change. The grip is easier to grasp quickly and comes out of the pocket quicker. The Superfly with the velcro'd on tab causes extra time to get hold of the grip quickly. I will have to try the Superfly in the front pocket even though I don't carry there. You never know what willl work until you try it.

Its almost always trial and error...........that's why most of us have that infamous box or drawer of holsters........
"that's why most of us have that infamous box or drawer of holsters........"
AND disgruntled wives.
Yeah...........it kind of goes hand in hand !!!
When she says ive never seen that gun before.......I just say its one I have had for a long time and only take it out once in a while.........
Obviously she doesn't read the forum. "There is just much out there and so little time."
Yes....yes.......the burden we have to bear........its awful..........
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