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Dirty Harry Blast From The Past !!!

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This was one of the coolest guns in my opinion from a movie of its time, 1983's Sudden Impact. Try pocket carrying that baby !!!


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Cool!!! You know out of all the gun ive swapped off the m29 is the one I miss the most.
I can believe it they were the real deal !!!
One of these days I would like to get a Colt Python 357 with a 6in barrel in the royal blue finish Colt used at the time. I just think they are one of the most beautiful hand guns ever made. And the action on those guns was second to none. I had the Colt Diamondback 38spl w/4in ventilated ribbed barrel in royal blue that I regret selling to this day. It was in mint condition, and I have never seen one in like condition again.
Ive really been craving another da 44 mag with a 3" barrel. My 29 had a 4", was very handy!!! Carried it a lot more in the woods than all my sbhs.

Ive always wanted one of the snakes!!!
There's nothing like shooting a big bore revolver with a 4in barrel or larger. They are accurate and the beefiness of the frame helps tame recoil. And just holding that full size classic grip in your hand just lets you know you got a hold of something special. I found this old ad for the python, check it out........kind of funny.........kind of cool !!


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Oh....... S&W's and Ruger revolvers are great also. Didn't want to slight them either as they are truly fine weapons. I guess I'm just partial to Colt, but would own any of the above without reservation.
Deep down in my heart I'm a Smith guy, but my wallet says I'm more of a taurus guy.
Many times the heart loses out to the mighty wallet.........sigh.......it's nice to think about what if you just had the green, and could plunk it down on your hearts desire !! Hey if you find something that works like the Taurus, and they do make some fine looking revolvers, heck they copied S&W on some models. You got a good gun, nothing wrong with that !!
I saw that movie in the early 70's with my Dad... "Good Flick"
Yeah, I always liked the Dirty Harry movies, Eastwood did the role justice !!
You can beat me, you can kill me, just don't bore me
Heartbreak Ridge..!!!!
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