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Re: Do P380's create "smileys" on bullet faces?

I have to agree with the comments on the Seecamp and K-T P3-AT. I've had one of each, and had miserable unreliability from each of them. No way were they pistols I'd care to trust with my life.

The Seecamp broke firing pins four times before I ditched it, and the 1st gen. P3-AT was never capable of firing more than 40 rounds between full cleanings without FTEs, even with the third-gen extractor and all the "fixes" touted by the KTrange guys (who are, IMHO completely deluded about the design quality of the P3-AT - it is Not good, IMHO).

I have average-size slim hands, and both pistols were also nearly unshootable, with such sharp muzzle lift that the trigger guard would chew a hole in my index finger after a half-dozen rounds, no matter what ammo I used.

I've got a P380 on-order, and I'm hoping that it will turn out to be the "perfect" pocket pistol for me...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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