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Does anyone have a BLACK p380 ?

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If so, how is it performing?
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Still a pretty rare item. Best bet is to check out this thread and keep an eye out over at kahrtalk.com http://kahrtalk.com/p-cw-series-pistols/2347-p380-dlc-pm45-range-report.html

I have a local dealer working on getting me one with the factory night sights. Who knows, I may even get it eventually.
I just picked one up. I will let you know once I get a free weekend to break it in.
I picked one up a week ago. Everything is great with it. Love the all black.
got one on my birthday from mcbrides in austin texas, rb100xx, ~200 down range, randomly fails to go into battery, fluffed and buffed with dremel and jewlers rouge the feed ramp and chamber, will see saturday if that solves the problem.
Just picked up my "black slide" today working this weekend will try to break it in mon. or tues.
Bought a second one today just like my first one, Black Diamond finish, night sights. Now I can do a Mexican reload.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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