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Failures to eject cleanly with new mags

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Okay, got the slide stop issue resolved, and the gun has been running fine.
Ordered up a pair of extra mags from CDNN; they are factory mags.
With either new mag, I have been having failures to fully and cleanly eject the spent shell casings. They have worked okay with factory rounds, but had the ejection issue with my reloads.
My reloads have been running 100% with the other two mags that came with the gun.
My only suspicion at this time is the follower springs in the new mags; being unused, they seem a little stiffer than the old mags. I'm wondering if the drag on the feed rail is slowing the slide enough to prevent total ejection.
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switch springs in one magazine and retest ur theory. Make sure those new mags,,, the springs are in right to. one never knows. If it works with factory ammo and not your reloads, one have to suspect somehow it has to be the reloads that are causing it.

Just eliminate the possables, but your spring theory might be right but if not, I would advise using those two magazines being they workperfect wiht factory stuff, just for factory stuff, as I can assur eyou if you tell khar it doesn't work with reloads, they will basically tellyou what I am telling you.
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