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favorate cal

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I have went down, was the 45 then the 40 and now the 9.

For revolvers it is the 44 mag, but I wouldn't be without a 357.

For rifles its a toss up between the 22-250 and the 270. But if I had to choose it would be the 270

Think my all time favorite is the 22lr
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45 out of a sweet shooting 1911.......
I'm in love with the .45 either ACP or long colt. Then it's the .44 mag followed by the .357mag. I shoot the 9mm more than anything else though including .22 LR. I like the .223 but I love the .308 round.Living here in Ohio I can't hunt deer with a rifle so I shoot a lot of groundhogs with the .308. The only legal game except coyotes and paper targets.
Here's a favorite of Boston's finest, 45 cal In a Sig TacOps 1911..............


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