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favorite plinker?

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Mine, love the 22-45!!
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A classic Ruger 22, I had one years ago in stainless with the bull barrel. That brings back good memories, I taught my oldest son how to shoot with it. I would like to get another some day. Thanks for showing yours........l
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My HP22A, not to bad for a cheap gun. Its surprisingly accurate even with the short barrel. Really I cant tell the difference.

This one has the dreaded frame crack, my first one run at least 2000rds before I swapped it for a rough rider. This one cracked at around 400.

Don't know if it was the ammo or where I slightly tweeked the paper thin part of the frame buy putting my fingers on it, but that's where the first one started.

Need to sent it off, this was my turtle gun while out catfishing. Really easy to hit them while your standing on them pulling their heads out with your line!!!
Was one of my guns I didn't mind getting carfish slime on.
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That's pretty cool, sometimes those cheap little guns are a ton of fun. My dad had a cheap 22 that looked like a German Luger when I was growing up. Had many hours of fun shooting and plinking with it, till it broke after years of abuse and fun.
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