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Thinking about getting my ffl. Had a type 3 c&r already.
Asked my land owner about it today. He said he didn't have a problem with it!!!

I can see a ammo warehouse from here so I don't think there will be a zoning issue.

Got a big storage building for a shop, just got to get my daughters stuff out
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That would be great, do it man........
Thanks to the abbreviation Sticky added within I can follow your conversation or at least most of them.

Not being critical. Just glad for the sticky.
C&R is a form of an FFl license, but it is for curio & relics (antiques). Any guns must be over 50 years old and or like a rare or collectible piece, like something for a museum. Hope that helps out there Bob..........
Yes I looked up the abbrev. sticky and low and behold FFI was there. I've done that a few other times on other Threads/Posts and for the most part found the abbrev. listed in the Sticky. It would be nice though to be able to add missing abbrev. not in the Sticky that we gun folks use. There are a few.
Got the packet on the way....
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