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Finally Ammo Is Available !!!

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I think that there is a loosening up of the ammo supply. Maybe not at Wally World or places like Bass Pro, but at the LGS / ranges. When I went to my LGS / range yesterday they had ammo to sell, and not just for range use at the time of visit. And today I found another gun store / range not to far from me, that opened a couple of months ago that had ammo to sell also. Their price for 45 auto ammo was $24.00 a box. Not really that good but not insane like some are charging, even on the Internet. So maybe it won't be too long now before things start to get back to almost normal........;D
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I did say maybe and almost normal.........eek !!!!!!!
Found some Winchester White Box 380 today at a grocery store! $44 for 100. Couldn't believe it.
Wife said there was federal 45acp at Walmart just now...

Read academy had pretty much everything but remfire.

I really need some rem or cci 22 that my p22 will run, and some 22 mags!!!!
Damn.......I was at Walmart a couple hours ago to pickup a few things, and of course checked on their ammo situation. Only had some 22's and 1 box of 40s&w............
From what I've seen down here, it is definitely getting better. Walmart is still a No-Go, but Academy had everything except .22 to include 9mm (just HD rds but still...). My LGS is allowing easing the box limits on everything but .22.
At the range today I was able to buy 9mm S&B for $18.00 a box, my buddy there took care of me......;D
Anybody ever used any Monarch ammo? Got a box of it today for my P380. Brass, FMJ, 94 grain, made in Serbia.
Have fired thousands of steel cased 9mm monarch. The only brass case monarch I have fired has been in 243. It was a moa load.
I went out to Walmart again today, no ammo......again !!! I asked the person working the dept there if and when they got their shipments. She said that it came a couple days a week, no special days. Also said they have a line of people waiting from 7am, till it gets put out to buy their 3 boxes !!!!!! You just know these are the horders just stockpiling all they can. I was able to get 4 boxes of "Aguila" brand 45 auto, at the range ?? Don't know anything about it, i hope it doesn't suck !!! This weekend I'm going back to Tampa / Clearwater to take care of my dad for a few days. So I'm going to shooting with my brother at the range, one of the days.
I have fired a lot of aguila 22, haven't fired any of the 45, but I have reloaded the brass.
Stopped in a Walmart on the way home and they had 40, 45 acp and lc, 223, 762-39. The shop I bought my rifle had a case of 100rd boxes oh cci, got "really excited but it was only 22 long!!! He did pull out two 50rd boxes of cci LR target from under the counter and let me have them with the new rifle.
Ammo? I've been involved with trying to buy 9MM now for several months AFTER buying two pistols. I keep hearing from "salesman" "Oh, next month the problem is expected to get better". Been hearing this for months. The only time I can get any 9's is what I purchased and had left over from buying and shooting at the range or when I stand in line at Ganders Mnt. 30 min before the doors open on Wed only when they hopefully get some in from supplier. I've never been able to get any Cabela's. Oh but it's going to get better "next month". What a come on.
Really frustrating to get interested in shooting only to find out no ammo is available. One way or the other gun retards are winning.
Seen 25, 9, 40, 44, and 45 at a little Walmart yesterday! !! But nothing I needed...

I need 22mag and now 30-30, I must of sold all my 30-30 brass and forgot! !!
Man I have just about given up on Walmart, I was going there 2x a week and never anything in handgun ammo. Maybe I'll try again this week ??
All I want is some 45's and a box of 380's....................
Wife just called from Walmart. They got 22!!!! She also said they had 7 boxed of 380...
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