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So after searching for months to find a P380, I had kind of gave up hope of finding one at any point. So I had off work today because the office was closing for the day as my boss is going out of town for a convention (1st score 8)). So I met a friend who came in from out of town because I had the day off (2nd score :) ) On my way back home I drove right by my local gun shop and decided to stop in since the day was early and I was bored.

He had just gotten a P380 in today! Needless to say, the little bugger followed me home. So, tomorrow will be a range trip and I'll let you guys know how it turns out.
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clean it, lube it,, rack the piss out of it about 500 times, recoil springs on correctly, shoot fmj ammo, USE THE SLIDE LOCK LEVER TO LOAD and you will fall in love with this little pocket rocket.
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