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First 100 Rounds

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Put the first 100 rounds through my 380 today. I have to say that the gun itself performed perfectly. No functional problems what-so-ever. I also rapid fired (as fast as I could pull the trigger) all six rounds on three different occasions without a problem. I used Winchester White Box 95 Grain FMJ.

The only thing I noticed was that with the factory sights, I was shooting consistantly low and right. I will bring my sight pusher with me next time and make adjustments if nesessary.

The only problem I experienced was with one of the magazines. It developed a crack on the left rear corner extending almost all the way down the length of the magazine! I have submitted a service request via their website, and hope to get it replaced.

I have to say that the gun itself was a joy to shoot! The felt recoil is minimal, and is much tamer compared to the Ruger LCP or Guardian 380 I have shot...
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Put another 100 Rounds (95 Gr. JHP reloads) through it yesterday for a total now of 200 rounds fired. Zero failures. 100% Reliable!

The only problem I had (from my first post) was with one cracked magazine. I sent it off to Kahr last week to get it replaced. Have not received it yet.

I was consistantly shooting this little gun low-right. I shoot left handed. I decided to try something. Instead of using the knuckle joint of my finger to pull the trigger, I used the middle tip of my finger. This made the world of difference!

After this change, I shot what I was aiming for. I put 14 rounds within a 2.5 Inch group from 25 feet. I'm not the best shot out there, but I was very satisfied with the performance of this little gun after my shooting syle adjustment...
u answer my question, u are left handed. Your low , rightsa re shooter error, / trigger discipline. I am left handed and my shots when done wrong are low right, Righties are low left. just the nature of this looooong trigger. I would not mess witht he site pusher, as you willwear yourslf out pushingit back and forth, as for when you start to get better with the triger etc, your pattern will again change. More rounds down ragne and you willge tthe hang of this gun. Again it is a clsoe up defense gun, and SMALL. Don't expectmore thant he gun andyou can actually give.

My one magazine cracked in the back also. They will replace it, no problem but something isnot right witht hese magazines. More than one has done this and yours was totally new. Some poor mfg quality control in that area for sure.

I have never had a magazine crack on any of my big kahrs.

Stilla darn nice top quality gun that is extremely accurate for its size. I have stated before I shoot it better than my PM9..
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