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First impressions

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So after a one year wait, I received my P380 with night sights on Monday. Took her home, read the manual and gave her a good cleaning. Went to the range Saturday to break in.

First impressions: wow, fun gun to shoot, very controllable for size, accurate, like the night sights

In the first 75 rounds, two stovepipes and one FTF. The next 75 went like butter with no hiccups. Note: all ammo PMC brass

At this point I decided to strap on the crimson trace and return to shoot. Over the next 25 rounds, four light strikes. Then it become almost every other round was a light strike. After 8 of 16 light strikes, decided to put her away for another day.

Did not get a chance to fire the MagTech, Hornady Critical Defense, or Federal low recoil JHP secondary to the malfunctions.

Has anyone else had a problem like this? Planning to return to the range later this week to see if the cleaning was all she needed.

Will post formal range report once break in completed and have had a chance to test several defensive rounds. Needless to say, not my EDC, yet.
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sounds to me like a trigger bar out of spec, causing light strikes. give it another 25 rounds and if it doesnt correct. call kahr and have tem pick it up on their dime.
A shame, IMO just seeing to much of this light strike stuff..
I've had 5 light strikes out of 20 rounds of Privi Partizan. I also shot 100 Winchester White box and 5 Starfires with no light strikes. I figured it may have been the ammo (hard primers).
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