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First trip to the range!

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What a sweet little pistol!

I have a considerable amount of shooting experience but this is the smallest hand gun that I've ever owned/fired.

My normal CCW is an airweight and that is sometimes a bit cumbersome. I wanted this mostly for snowmobiling and I think it should work just fine in one of the breast pockets of my jacket.

My first impression was very positive. Fit and finish was excellent, take down and assembly was straight forward. Very impressed with the sights. Trigger was very nice (better than my XDM).

This first mag was a little rough but I expected that (Kimber owner ;)). After 100 rounds she settled right in and boy was I surprised at just what you could do with this little gun. Even out to twenty yards I was able to keep most of them on a 5" circle (I can't do that with my J frame double action only). For comparison I took the only other 380 that I own with me, Browning BDA. To be fair the two are VERY different but the P380 held it's own. The BDA is single action (after the first round) and a pretty good one at that. At ten yards, if I took my time, the Browning could easily out shoot the Kahr, not by a wide margin and not enough to matter when you consider what the pistol is designed to do. Try sliding that BDA into the front pocket of your blue jeans, you'll look like Dirk Diggler. LOL

Another place were the Kahr shined was the night sights. The Browning has a set of very fine fixed sights that are great for precision shooting in good light but for quickly finding center mass in low light, the Kahr owns the night.

All in all I'm very happy and will likely carry this little gun more than I had originally planned.

Thanks for having me,

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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