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FS Silent Thunder Holster

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***SOLD*** Silent Thunder Holster for CM9

A comfortable Silent Thunder holster to fit a CM9 FS dropped to $55. Postage paid. Pictures show hardly any use. Includes a full belt clip and allen wrench for adjustment. It's a good appendix holster.



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Nice holster...............I guess you don't want to start a collection...........
I'm thinking if I sell some of my stuff I can put the $'s back for when I see an affordable Mk9 or k9 I can get. I really like the Kahr's.
You would definitely like an mk9 or k9........they are easier or gentler shooting Kahrs due to their all metal frames, less felt recoil. But you do gain some weight there. I personally like the heft they provide, and you can get some nice wood grips for them as well !!!
I'm hoping I don't find a good used one before I have the money saved. I probably wouldn't carry it very often being heavier but I could sure enjoy shooting it. Yes definitely wood grips. I might be tempted to carve some grips as my hobby is carving although the wood grips I've seen look pretty good. Don't know for sure but it seems there are more mk9's than k9's based on the conversations I read on forums.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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