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garden time

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Need to see if the tiller will start this year, its about time.
Got my outside facet fixed yesterday.
hope its better this year, my okra didn't get much over knee high last year.
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Land lot Tree Plant Pollution Grass

I think my tiller makes me hurt! !!! Time to get the little one out! Don't plan on using the big one again till next year.
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This is a stupid question, but do you sell this crop or is it for your own use.
Really, I eat a little and give the rest away.
You know, after working all summer in dads garden on the farm ( a three acre feed lot behind the barn!!!) I swore I'd never ever work in another garden!!!!! But I really enjoy working in the garden. A Small garden that is.
Dammit!!! Going to have to buy a new carb for my little tiller. Found a primmer bulb for it. Bu it needs a kit!!!.

Just bought it last year!!!! For the extra price of the carb I could have had a good one!!!

What I really need is only worth 5¢ or so!!!!!!

Its a southland from attwoods.
I hope you pay the workers there a fair wage...........
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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