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Go ahead - Laugh!

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Okay, I had just spent a pleasant time outside at our shooting range practicing with my week old P380. I ran about 125 rounds through it and put in a little time with my Glock 26 too. I came back in and set up to clean both guns. Up until now I had let (conned) my son into cleaning the P380 but I decided to do it myself. I got it apart and cleaned then I went to put it back together and....yup... shot the recoil spring guide across the room...or so I thought. I looked for that guide for over an hour. Finally after moving, cleaning, tearing apart the room and pitching I thought I might have to buy a new one. I decided to empty the trash can of all the stuff I had pitched during my hunt. Needless to say as I carefully emptied the trash at the bottom of the can was the guide, which was next to the table I had been working on. That spring and guide are a bit hard to get back in. Next time I believe I will get my son to clean it. Works for me! ;D
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another reason to just not want to tear down the upper slide completly. There is a little springunder that striker block that if u drop it , it is gone and the striker spring willwantto fly also. Best way is to put that slide in a big clear zip lock bag wen taking that back plate off and in case anything flys, it will be in the zip lock.

I carry some of those little springs,not because they willwear out but because I tend to loose them... :mad:
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