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good day shooting!!!!

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With my best shooting buddies! !! Smile Face Skin Purple Happy
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Cute pic, I was hoping to see one of you shooting the pink gun.............
You know, sis was setting on my lap one evening, see looked me in the eyes and asked "is one of them guns in your room mine?" Her brother already had a redrider and a sawed off t99 for him and his dad.

I almost told her yeah, let's go pick one out. But I bought her that buck and pulled the stock and painted it.

Shes got it bad!!! Yesterday she says, "you remember that rifle I held in the gun store? "I NEED IT!!!
See what you started...........and so it begins !!!!!
She's a hardcore into fishing too. Her brother also!!!
Some plinkin fun................reminds me of a range I went to years ago that had a plinkin pit. You could go in there at your own risk, and just plink around. Now they didn't allow any large caliber guns in there, 22's and pellet guns mostly. And everyone was respectful of the others safety and didn't shoot in a persons direction. The shooters in there would gather to one side and shoot to the other. We lined up cans or little boxes, bottles, whatever and had contests shooting them. The adults were like kids having a good time. They eventually shut it down for liability reasons I was told. I guess it only takes one idiot to do something stupid to ruin things for everyone. And we all know theres always one around. Honestly with what goes on in today's world, not a lot surprises me anymore.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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