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Good day @ the range!

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I shot 25 rounds of WWB & another 25 of Remington L380A1B JHP with no problems of any sort! ;D
It looks like the latest round of polishing & burr removal did the trick. Some of my problems were likely user induced (over-lube :-[), so I took it easy with the oil & grease this time.
If we get any more mild days before winter sets in, I'll see if I can repeat the success. If all goes well for the next range session, I'll definitely feel confident with my P380 as my everyday CC.
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8) :-*
Cokeman said:
Yup! I was pleased! It's been a bit of work getting there, but it looks like my P380 is a keeper. ;D
Follow up: Not exactly a 'mild' day today at 30F, but the sun was out & so was I. Same ammo & number of rounds as before, with same excellent results. I couldn't be more pleased!
Only 1 test left: 32-round mag shooting gangsta-style... ;)
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