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Got a p380!!

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A shooting buddy and I hit our local emporium yesterday before heading out to the range. What did I see but a shiny new Kahr .380! $529 plus tax. Just the regular sights. I have a new LCP and was to break it in so I got to break in the Kahr and LCP together. Shot PMC bronze ammo.

The LCP is not a bad gun at all and I shot it better than expected at steel 10 yard steel plates. No hickups at all. Those of you who have shot both know that the Kahr is a superior gun and the grips and sights are a big plus over the Ruger. Its even a little shorter than the LCP and about as thin. The Kahr ran without any hickups as well. The Kahr fits my hand so well its not a knock on the LCP when feels more like a board but for a small gun I have no complaints. Some folks don't like Kahrs because of the longer trigger pull than a Glock type but I really like them a lot and am more comfortable with them than others.

I also have a Kahr P9 and PM9 with the night sights and the PM9 is very easy to acquire the target, even better than some large pistols with basic black sights. I may have to get some big dot sights down the road for the .380 as I seem to shoot a lot better with these older eyes when I have very visible sights on a gun. Shooting target ammo the PM9 kicked noticably more than the .380. I also felt more recoil from the LCP than from the Kahr .380, I think it may be due to having a more natural solid purchase on the Kahr grips.

I now have three guns that I will carry after I break them in a bit more.(p380, PM9 and LCP). I would much rather have a 1911 or a HiPower if I needed a gun but they won't do me much good back in the gun safe when I need something.
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nice post sharptop. I own the lcp and the P380 also. both go bang, both nice guns. The kahr just trumpsthe lcop in all areas, including price to. But it is a top quality gun.

I have the xs big dots on my P380 and love um. As u know the P380 is much more accurate than the lcp. I even shoot my P380 better tan I do my PM9.

You get wha t you pay for the the P380 IMO is the best small pocket gun out there and certainl;y the most verstile in options for night sights to.

the factory standard sights ain't no slouches either. They are just super accurate sights indeed...
I'll chime in as the third that has all three. LCP, PM9, and P380. I really like all 3 of them and if I could comfortably pocket carry the weight of the PM9 in all circumstances and wardrobe, I would probably not bother with the LCP or P380. For times when less is better than nothing, I have zero concerns about toting either the LCP or P380.

For me the LCP was difficult until I tried a Crimson Trace laser guard. Once I put that on and picked up an Uncle George wallet holster, it became a perfect pocket companion. I have a similar holster coming for the P380 that will accommodate the CT laser guard. If I like it as well the LCP, I will probably trade off the LCP and just keep the P380.
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