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A shooting buddy and I hit our local emporium yesterday before heading out to the range. What did I see but a shiny new Kahr .380! $529 plus tax. Just the regular sights. I have a new LCP and was to break it in so I got to break in the Kahr and LCP together. Shot PMC bronze ammo.

The LCP is not a bad gun at all and I shot it better than expected at steel 10 yard steel plates. No hickups at all. Those of you who have shot both know that the Kahr is a superior gun and the grips and sights are a big plus over the Ruger. Its even a little shorter than the LCP and about as thin. The Kahr ran without any hickups as well. The Kahr fits my hand so well its not a knock on the LCP when feels more like a board but for a small gun I have no complaints. Some folks don't like Kahrs because of the longer trigger pull than a Glock type but I really like them a lot and am more comfortable with them than others.

I also have a Kahr P9 and PM9 with the night sights and the PM9 is very easy to acquire the target, even better than some large pistols with basic black sights. I may have to get some big dot sights down the road for the .380 as I seem to shoot a lot better with these older eyes when I have very visible sights on a gun. Shooting target ammo the PM9 kicked noticably more than the .380. I also felt more recoil from the LCP than from the Kahr .380, I think it may be due to having a more natural solid purchase on the Kahr grips.

I now have three guns that I will carry after I break them in a bit more.(p380, PM9 and LCP). I would much rather have a 1911 or a HiPower if I needed a gun but they won't do me much good back in the gun safe when I need something.
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