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Gouges in polymer frame

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Hi everyone,

2 weeks ago I purchased a New P380 after reading many great articles about the gun. Unfortunately I'm not real happy with the quality of the polymer frame. Over the last 2 weekends I shot over 400 rounds of various american made fmj and have had numerous failures. Many ejection and failure to enter battery. After dissembling the gun and cleaning it I noticed the right side plastic frame real had a large gouge in the front bevel and along side the back of the frame the plastic had several plastic threads hanging out. Has anyone else had this issue? Is this what might be causing my shooting problems? I called Kahr and they said, that after time the plastic would wear away, creating a "custom fit". I wish they would just send me a new frame.

Thanks for your help!
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As the frame is the serial numbered part, it is in effect the 'gun' from a legal standpoint, which creates all sorts of problems in just replacing it.

Did you strip the gun before shooting it? Have you had any trouble reassembling the gun? Did you have to force it back on the frame rails? How smoothly does the slide run on the frame? Ever since KelTec days, it has been my practice to give these little guns a 'fluff and buff', smoothing any burrs on the slide or the frame. The plastic parts of a P380's frame rails reputedly don't matter, but I'd still hate to see them too much damaged.

I'm sure they have offered to let you ship it back, and in this case it is what you should do; it could be fubared. I'm a bad one to ask, but can you manage some pictures?
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