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Great price on CT laser

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I was ordering some other items from ManVenture Outpost and as usual, just browsed a bit before completing the order. Came across the P380 laser I have been considering for a few months. Added it to the cart to check price: $142. Add to that the current promotion "5OFF" for 5% off, brought the price to $135.11. Now add the $50 CT rebate: $85.11 + shipping (12.66 for me if I had bought it solo). Felt I would be foolish to pass it up even if all I use it for is practicing trigger control. Hope this helps anyone that may have been contemplating. I can't vouch for the sight yet since this is my first purchase through them. One of the few times the payment page asked for the 800# for the credit card and copied my I.P. address for security and fraud abuse.

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Do they usually have good prices or is this a rarity?
As I said, I've never placed an order through MA. They appear to generally have great prices and I believe they are part of a national network of vendors. Oftentimes when I search pricing for things I need, they pop up along with 5 or 6 other similar looking sites with comparable prices.
I also posted this on KahrTalk and was informed that it appeared their supplier may be sold out of some/most of the CTLs. We'll see if or how long it takes to get mine. As I posted there, I'm not too concerned with a back order, as long as I get it before the rebate ends. I'll try to keep the post updated.
Good news. The CTL arrived today. So after rebate, $85 + a portion of the $16 shipping (I picked up about $80 of other necessities). Mounted it on the p380 and it looks true to specs for about 50 ft. I'll put some lead thru her tomorrow morning, weather permitting, and see if she needs any truing. No complaints about ManVenture Outpost. Great prices and quick shipping.
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