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Grips on Poly bodys

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The title defines my comments:
I want a poly body (because it's affordable) that would allow the purchase of after market grips. Does this spark a thought maybe?
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It's a good idea..............a number of guns now have changeable backstraps. Why not make side panels that can be changed.............
I bet the day will come that your idea will happen.
I have read that a product called Plasti Dip, which is a spray on rubbery type coating can be applied to polymer grips. You spray it on and can put on several coats to get it thicker. Your grips keep the same shape, but it helps with making them feel more like rubber than plastic. It's sold in auto parts stores.
Yes I have no doubt it could be done as you describe Ron but I'm wanting to add a beautiful wood grip. Without having looked to see how it would be done I know it can be done. Probably nothing more than adding to the inside of the frame. I don't mean making it solid but give it strength where it would need it. It could be a variety of ways using material other than plastic. Maybe embedded within the poly and at stress/fatigue points (corners). Similar to using steel rails for the slide.
You know like anything else it's a matter of demand and profit for the gun maker. Of course it could be done, and as you suggest probably with some modification to the frame. And I don't think it would be a major problem. The gun makers could charge a premium for the models that offer that option. I for one would like to see that happen, as I like the feel of real wood on my 1911s and my MK9. And the ability to customize the feel and look is a great option. Unfortunately I believe most gun owners today, especially the younger ones who cut their teeth on the plastic guns don't really know or appreciate the fine wood, for its feel and beauty. Just think about how many that are just starting out on guns you have come across in the gun stores and shows, when they go for that first gun........they want a Glock .......
Then they find out about guns like a kahr and so forth...........
Now that I like
It's a start but I think it could better. Not being critical just IMO.
I wish there were a lot more like that.............if there was, a whole aftermarket would support it I think
I've had an itch to make my own gripes someday with some carving on it. Plus I've found a grip maker that really does a good job and with a large selection of exotic woods. I'll just have to get that 1911 someday and do it then.
That's right, with your carving skills and some practice, I bet you could make some really sweet grips. You could make some custom grips and sell them.........
Maybe but it's hard to set prices on them so that someone will pay the asking price. It's takes time as you can guess. It would be fun though I think.
You should check out Esmeralda's Grips site, she makes some really nice grips for 1911's. Some cool exotic woods too.
Those grips you made Toney...........looks pretty sweet !!
Nothing like a wood grip that looks and feels great in your hand..........only makes the gun that much nicer..........just can't beat it.....then there's stag and horn grips.......oh baby !!
Yes that is nice. Looks like Cocobola(sp)? I'm wanting to carve something on the grips. Don't know what but something.
Yes that is nice. Looks like Cocobola(sp)? I'm wanting to carve something on the grips. Don't know what but something.
Yes.........that would be really cool..........the sky is the limit........could be animals, scenes, monuments, patterns, anything that struck your fancy !!
Heck.........you could even carve your own likeness in the grips............you know, "handsome as hell" that you are.....,,,,,,,,so rumor has it ??
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