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guide rod sticks out beyond muzzle

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I've been using auto pistols for ages but can't figure what I've done wrong. I have reassembled seemingly properly yet the guide rod is sticking out beyond the muzzle about 1/4 inch. Huh? How can that be? What have I done wrong? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!
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Are you sure the slide is fully in battery? I don't see any way to assemble the gun with the guide rod anywhere but where it belongs. ??? If it still isn't right, maybe you can post a pic.
Just for fun, take the mag out and see what happens. I bet that the guide rod won't be sticking out anymore.
This is just a wild guess on my part, but is seems that the pressure of the rounds in a full mag pushing up puts a load on the guide rod. I carry mine with a round in the chamber and a full mag. Who could know?
Oh. I see where you are going. Yeah, you're probably right.
It still shouldn't hang up. Oh, wait. Do all P380 guide rods look like chainsaw carvings or an apprentice's 1st lathe job? ::) I thought it was just mine... (Before I sanded & polished it, anyway.)
Mine's fine.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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