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Gun Belt

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I wanted to share info on a really nice gun belt I picked up yesterday. It's a Blade-Tech Industries belt. They are ready made leather belts with a kydex insert. The belt seems to be well made and very stiff and sturdy. It's their reinforced looper series. The cost was $55.00. If you carry the importance of a good non sagging, non stretching belt is a must. This is a belt you can get quickly and reasonably, check them out.
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Yeah, the stiffest belt at walmart doesn't come close to a real gunbelt.

I have also started wearing suspenders under my shirt. Have wore them deer hinting for years, but I took them off my hunting pants and started wearing them full time.

I'm wearing Dickie Perry suspenders, they have three hooks that hook under the belt. Like that there's no clip to scratch my gun. And there really easy to hook up.

Backed my belt off two notches and it still holds my iwb gun very good.
I hadn't considered suspenders under my shirts. That way you don't have to keep the belt as tight to support the weapon, and hold your pants up. I'm going to see how this belt works out, as its super stiff. If it stays that way, it my be fine. Otherwise I'm going to try your way of carry support.
FYI, it appears the same belt is being sold on the Kahr website as the Looper Series belt for $49.00............
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