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Gun Or The Shooter !!

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I came across a discussion on another forum and thought it was interesting to discuss here. With the different kinds of guns out there and their trigger types, SA, DA, DA/SA, everyone has a preference. And I think that most tend to shoot whatever that is well. Many shooters today tend to stick with their preference and not like and shoot the other types. For example, you get a Glock guy who shoots his gun well, but ask him to shoot a Kahr with its longer DA trigger and many will say the trigger or gun sucks because he doesn't shoot it as well as his Glock. And therefore he gets a half dozen guns all Glock, in the various calibers. And will tend to knock any other type of gun ( again, not knocking Glock , just using them as an example ) I believe many new shooters tend to be this way with whatever platform they choose. They really don't consider or want to shoot anything else. Being an older long time shooter myself I do like shooting a 1911 best. I have also shot revolvers from Ruger, Colt, and S&W as well as the Kahrs I now own. I don't consider myself a great shooter, but I'm decent with whatever I shoot. I also like to shoot the different types of guns and enjoy each type for what they are. And I don't find fault with the other types, and own SA & DA guns. So what type of gun do you like to shoot, and does a particular type of gun make you shoot well, or do you shoot whatever you pick up well. Is it the gun or the shooter...!!!!!!
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I take pride in being able to shoot any trigger. I always feel a little embarrassed for the guys that start talking "God awful long hard trigger pull"
It is funny a lot of shooters don't want to master da triggers. I think a weak finger should be as embarrassing as a weak wrist.
I think that the reason they don't want to master the da triggers is because at first they don't shoot them well. And therefore its not a lot of fun and sometimes embarrassing. So it's real easy to make an excuse that the trigger sucks and so does the gun. It takes work and practice that not everyone likes to put in. It requires mastering a skill, and they don't see it that way. Heck it's almost the same with a Kahr compact gun, the tolerances are so tight. And the slide small and thin, with very little mass to keep momentum, and if not held tight and right ( limp wristing ) will not cycle properly. How many have complained about them not cycling properly, and not even realizing this and get rid of the gun.
I agree with you. I have heard many others complain about various triggers,hammers (or lack of) or safeties (or lack of), etc. I do also shoot my 1911's the best-but my kahr is next,and then my ruger P-95. In revolvers my Dan wesson 357, S&W 64, S&W 642. S&W 651 22 mag. I use the sights the same way, and have adjusted the sights with a certain weight ammo-so basically while trigger travel may be different-same results. Of course the longer barrel guns are easier to shoot tighter groups IMO. Next time you have someone you know complain-try this-have them aim(unless they are all over the place)-while you pull the trigger-supprise! After a few times of this should eliminate the problem being the guns fault.
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