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hanging out at the lgs

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I miss the one I hung out in. A little gunsmith shop with a few rusty old rifles.
He called me at least once a week to come look at something, mostly needing help putting something back together.

Sent the wife out to grab a rife that I had sold the scope to the owner. She comes in and he reached out for the rifle and a tug a war started!!!! I nodded to Connie and she let go. Well I knew it had Allen screws, if they would have been slotted, well!!!!!

He went under the last go round.
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I'm lucky that my LGS is right around the corner. I go in there just about every week to look around or shoot. They all know me and I talk to the guys when they are not with a customer. One guy there always says, I knew you were coming, I ask how and he just says cause you always do. Even when they are all busy with other customers or something, if I stop and am looking hard at the gun counter someone scurries over because they know I'm ready to drop some cash on a new gun.
You know my Smith m29 is gone cause of a "Toney come look at this"
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