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Hello from Amarillo, Texas

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Hi everybody,
I don't have a P380 yet, but the way I am going I might have one soon. I just got an LCP a couple of weeks ago and it is not my first .380. I also have a Firestorm .380 and an old Colt .380 hammerless with the last patent date of 1903 on it. It was my Grandfathers and is my most prized handgun. Anyway a Kahr is not out of the question. I just wanted to hang around and read some of the threads before making another purchase. I usually try to make a somewhat informed decision before I buy, but that is not always the case. I have been known to buy on a impulse. I don't have buyers remorse on any of my purchases though. Thanks for letting me visit.
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the lcp is a dandy little pocket rocket. The P380 kahr is just top quality and I own both and to be honest, I can shoot my P380 kahr better than I shoot my Kahr PM9 and a 100% better than the lcp, which goes bang every time, just that I can'thit anyting with it. The P380 kahrs are just dead nuts accurate.Excellent sites and I just got an email from Kahr and they stated thatin less than 8 weeks they willhave the xs big dot nite sites availalbe for the P380. Your gonna pay alot more for this kahr but my bet you will then peddle the lcp, not because it is a bad gun but that you can shoot the P380 kahr alot better. It just feels like a quality peace to me.
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