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Hello from NOLA (New Orleans, LA)

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Got a P380 last week as a BUG for my G26.

Cleaned and lubed it. Put 200 rds of Aguila through it. Had feed and ejection issues with one mag at about 125 rds. Cleaned and resumed firing. Still problems with 1 mag but other 5 OK. Did a major cleaning an now I plan on 200 more rds of Aguila and then, if it's functioning OK, 200 of DPX which will be it's standard load. Hopefully all will work out.

I'd have preferred to have a 9mm for my BUG but they were too big for a front pocket carrry.

The .380 ammo situation is really bad. I don't see it getting better short term so I've ordered PMC and Winchester hoping to get something.

My old eyes have issues with the sights in low light so I ordered XS Big Dots today. Had a long conversation with them and went with Big Dot Tritium. Somewhat disappointed that I couldn't get tritium rear dots (likke my G26) but I'll work with what they have it until Crimson Trace gets their product to market.

The P380 handles well and is easy to shoot with my weak hand. I'll carry it in my weakside front pocket in a DeSantis Super Fly. Works well so far - secure, non-printing, easy draw and fast presentation.

Lastly, anyone else from NOLA on the forum?
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