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Hello from the middle of the country

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Retired LEO, first commissioned in 1966, retired as Chief of Police, and worked for 10 years as a Hospital Director of Security. Also a retired Naval Reserve CWO-4 (Designator 7118). Enjoy the benefits of HR 218. My wife is a retired public school teacher, and lets me spend my reserve retirement income on my hobby ( firearms), as long as she gets a taste ever once in awhile. Bought a P380 last week, and have high hopes for it. Bought a Micro Desert Eagle, and became hinkey when the photos of the slide splitting started showing up on the blogs. Have 2 LWS .32's, like them, but too small a frame for a .380 in my opinion. Have two Sig .380's, good luck with both of them so far. Recently, made the decision to dump some of my tactical shoulder weapons, and concentrate on small CCW firearms. Really like the J frames.
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Welcome aboard. Sounds like you've got the mouse gun bug. ;D I feel your pain.
I loves mouseguns. Hate to admit it, but I sometimes carry a Kel-Tec .32 with a right side clip in the right front pants pocket, butt forward. It's convenient, handy, and the pistol actually works. I keep a can of aerosol compressed air to blow out the lint occasionally.
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