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Hello to All!!

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I bought a P380 on 8/19/2009, serial # RA14XX. My first range session consisted of 150 FMJ (Remington), 25 Hydra-Shoks (Federal), 18 Critical Defense (Hornady), 2 Golden Sabers (Remington). Below is a list of the malfunctions I experienced during the break-in period.

1. One light strike while shooting the Remington FMJ ammo.
2. The Remington Golden Sabers would not cycle properly.
3. The slide failed to lock back on an empty mag (6) times.
4. The P380 failed repeatedly to chamber a round by using the slide stop.

I contacted Kahr and explained the problems I was having with my P380 and they told me to send it in and that they would foot the bill. On 8/27/2009 FedEx picked up my P380 and shipped it to Kahr. I received my P380 back from Kahr on 9/10/2009 with a letter stating that they replaced the slide stop, polished the feed ramp, reworked the magazines.

My second range visit consisted of 62 Golden Sabers, and 50 Hydra-Shoks, which was on 9/13/2009. The P380 ate every single Golden Saber for lunch as well as the Hydra-Shoks. The slide was locking back on every empty magazine, I was able to chamber a round by depressing the slide stop, surprisingly I could sling shot the slide and chamber a round, and the feed ramp looked like a mirror due to the excellent polish job.

I take my hat off to Kahr's Customer Service Dept. and to Bob Holmes (Service Manager). They stood by their product and treated me like a valued customer!! This P380 is my ninth Kahr and won't be my last, especially when the DLC P380 hits the market!!

Total round count is 313, which will increase very soon.
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