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I've owned five!!! Two c9s. two 45s, and a 4095.

Really bought one just to find out for myself.... bought a c9 and it worked....shot a few hundred rounds through it, took it apart to see what made it tick, then swapped it for a relic.

Bought a 45 next... it worked too. Shot a lot of hand poured lead. My daughter really like shooting it. She never cared for a 1911.

Got a 40 Cal carbine, for a rifle based on a sns it was really awesome! !! Was quiet, accurate and reliable. Taking it apart I've often wondered how!!!

I have no desire to try the 380, would really like to shoot the 40, think if I ever run across a 995 for the right price I'll buy it.

I think for a tackle, tool box gun you could do a lot worse. They've also got a no questions asked, send you parts through the mail warranty.

The firing pins can get bent, but they straightened out fine. Never put the free one in HP sent me.
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a 995, I don't really care for the new style.
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995 carbine.......nice......
That was a real torture test...........
That was a real torture test...........
It just looked like it came apart,
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