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Hickok 45 - Pocket Carry

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Pretty good video on legal pocket carry, by Hickok 45. It's kind of long, but interesting !!
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He demos a couple of his Kahrs in the video, and is definitely a fan.........
Great video. Hickok 45 is awesome. I'm subscribed on YouTube. Lol.
Great video. Hickok 45 is awesome. I'm subscribed on YouTube. Lol.
Yeah I'm a big fan of his, he gets a little long winded at times.......but he does a good job with his reviews !!
Me too, his genuine passion for the gun community runs strong. Looks like the kind of guy that would be a hoot to have a beer with.
I'm jealous of his targets and the way he has them set up. I enjoy watching his video's but have you listened to radio commentary? Don't, he is much better with video.
You know he's a big Glock-guy, but it was nice to see his high 5's for the Kahr. The Nemesis holster is great for pocket carry, but he didn't mention my favorite, the pocket clip. The draw back is it's not for every gun.

One of my favorite go to guns is my S&W mod 60 with a pocket clip. Great video! I'm going to check out his other videos.

Thanks Ron for sharing it.
Wood Everyday carry Electric blue Strap Rectangle
Im really fond of the 6oz p32 for pocket carry.
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