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Holster Opinions regarding color and lining?

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Ordered a new holster yesterday. Found him by accident and liked the look and apparent fit holster for a S&W MP9c. He was very knowledgeable based on experience of CC.
Smith and Wesson M and P Compact 3.5 Inch Avenger by GBLeatherCo

Noted on ad is $85 with leather liner. I ordered with out it for $69. I wonder what others opinions are regarding lining? Also I might ask what you opinion is regarding color of holster as it regards to concealment. I don't really like black but I think it best for other folks not noticing it. But,, I just had to have this as shown Light brown.

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That's really nice bob.........I like Brown also........ for cc though, I don't see how it makes a difference....... might as well get what you like ! Great choice !!
I also wanted this one but couldn't manage it as I got overcome with other pressures.
Outside The Waistband
Very nice!!! I'm into brown
It seems like an oxymoron to pay extra for a fine tooled CONCEALED Holster. Know what I mean?
Yeah..............but you wear it and know its there............just like your CC gun...........you carry it concealed..........but you have the pride of owning it..........handling and shooting it...........and at the end of the day, it's a personal item that pleases you !!!!!
You're right....maybe next time. Most of my holsters are the comfortable Pancake style except the IWB don hume m715 (which is comfortable btw for IWB). This belt tunnel and slot arrangement looks to comfortable and tight hugging look like although maybe printer more.
Men buy nice watches only to have the cuff cover it. Men buy nice holsters only to have shirts and jackes cover it. It's all OK with me.
Ok with me too !!!
Hey.........if you want it / need it / like it........and can afford it........I say get it and enjoy it !!!
Hey.........if you want it / need it / like it........and can afford it........I say get it and enjoy it !!!
To that sentiment I say amen!!!
To that sentiment I say amen!!!
My wife says 3 out of 5 works!
I've got 4 out of five so I guess I'm good to go.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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