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home made

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Personal protective equipment Glove Toy Wool Woolen
Personal protective equipment Glove Toy Wool Woolen

My left-hand holster
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Good job. Angle looks correct/good for concealment-IMO. If you like the way it works, and you have some more leather try a more spread-out pattern with a loop strap at each end. Spreading out the load on the belt-and having a wider bearing surface against your body means you will forget you have it on 9+ hrs. If yours does already-then forget what I said.
Howdy!!! Been thinking about a pancake style. Have been using hobby lobby scrap, gonna have to order some good vt stuff.
Hello Toney. I have made lots of my own holsters-mostly IWB and belt slide.The problem with the stuff at hobby lobby scrap is that is has been already tanned. Two problems here. One is some tanning methods include salts-bad for guns/metal. The other problem is that tanned leather does not stretch as much (sometimes very little). Stop by a Tandy leather shop-or a saddle shop and by a big enough piece working leather to by about 3/16" thick. You won't be sorry. You can sew it close to size of the gun, then wet form/bone/strech it alot for a perfect fit. The holster when dried-your gun should "pop" in and hold the gun inside it while turned upside down and shook. Besides it is fun. You will find yourself making all sorts of different angles,styles, etc. Although I don't reccomend a holster you wear in the middle of your back- I made a "reverse" middle of the back style for one of my 1911's ( experiment) and one for a Desert Eagle 40 cal for a relative. Have fun!
Joint Hand Shoulder Vertebrate Blue

No pretty, but really comfortable.
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I'm telling you, man you do nice work. It does look really good though. I'm like you, a CCW holster isn't about pretty. It needs to be functional ( secure gun properly, cover trigger ) not flimsy and be comfortable. Open carry would be a different story, then you might want to be fancy and show off a fine weapon in some fine looking leather. I believe in Texas that's what they call a BBQ gun. Although dont get me wrong either, nothing wrong with a pretty CCW holster that fits the requirements.
Looks like pretty good holster. Why buy one when you make one for what?....say maybe $10 not counting the hardware.

I made an IWB, kydex on leather ($8) style, clips (#5) and it was cheap. But the hardware min buy cost me $20+. Kydex about 12" sq. was $12+ and will make two holsters. Still have hardware left over to make 50! Still cheaper than I can buy one holster for. Now If I was to make more then I would be saving money.
Thanks thanks!!!
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