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Ok already!!! At first I tried a thin leather shimmer on the rim end of the mag to tighten my pouch up. It helped but I still would drag one out by the nose about half the time.

I was thinking about making a kydex insert that would hold the round off the bottom of the pouch so it would stay rimlocked and not slide out.

Having never worked with kydex I thought abought it for awhile I ended up trying another narrow strip that run down the back side of the pouch underneath the first round stopping just past the tip of the bullet.
It keeps the first round seated all the way so as you start pulling the mag and relive the pressure off the round it automatically goes into rimlock and doesn't try to slide out .

Had to move my snap but I had made the pouch for a pf mag and it was a little tight anyway.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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