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how long do you carry sd loads?

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I will carry SD loads long after they have tarnished, I usually won't change a load until it's bullet has been setback. I always use the same round for my chamber load, that way if it did get setback it is already In the chamber.

I'm not really overly worried about over pressure with a setback rd as having a feeding problem with a setback rd in the mag. I do check my chamber rds setback every time before loading.

My fed hydro shocks in my 32 have been carried for over five years!!! But almost all that time it was in a handbag.

A few of my 45 loads were carried in two pistols I don't have anymore...
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I don't really think any particular amount of time will hurt the round. As long as its not subjected to some unusual or harsh conditions. Which is highly unlikely if they are loaded in a mag kept in the gun, or loaded in a mag kept in a mag pouch. With the price of self defense ammo right now, its kind of hard to just shoot up a lot at the range...........unless you have the extra money to burn !!!
An old timer I know said he takes his sd ammo and lightly sprays a soft cloth with rem oil, rolls the rounds on it, then loads them in his mags. Says it helps them feed and keeps them in good shape.............I haven't tried this myself !!!!
I'm not worried about that.

My sd ammo will outlast me :eek:

Tarnish & finger prints don't hurt a thing IMHO

when I was a cop for a couple of years the range master told us to replace ammo yearly. motorcycle cops every 6 months
Welcome. ......
Everyone has methods and routines they're comfortable with. For me I'm comfortable unloading the SD rounds in the mag, shooting range ammo, then refilling the mag with the same SD rounds later and I don't care how old the ammo gets. But once a round has been chambered, I fire it next time at the range. I just don't like to carry a round after its been chambered and ejected.
That is what I was doing and I have now stopped that practice having had a live round get stuck in my PM45 after several times being chambered and ejected.
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