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How long should it take for Kahr to repair a new P380

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Just joined.

Purchased a new P380, with night sights and LCI.

Had numerous FTF's and stovepipes on the first 100 rounds. I understand that there is a 200 round break-in period.

I had one serious problem that really concerned me.

A round was fed but when I pulled the trigger, I felt a slight engagement but then it slipped away and the pulling the trigger all the way back did not release the striker.

This happened on two occasions.

I was using Corbon DPX.

I talked to Jay at Kahr and he told me to send back the gun.

I thought that I would get it back within a week, after reading other posts on how good their service was at Kahr.

However, I have since been informed that I will have to wait 4-6 weeks.

That really has caused me concern.

Why should I have to wait that long?

I paid a pretty penny for this gun and would expect much quicker service for a new gun.

I was going to buy a P9, but now I have second thoughts.

Anyone else experienced this problem with the striker pin and the poor service.

Thanks for your help.

Bob S.
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I've been reading a couple posts on the KahrTalk.com forum from shooters with the same experience. Apparently Kahr is suggesting their having some issues getting some of the parts while in other cases they have recurring issues that they are taking their time making darn sure they correct them properly. Some of the guys have sent their 380s back numerous times on the 1 week plan only to continue to have issues. I think I'd rather be on the 6 week plan with a well performing product upon arrival. My advice. Don't fret. Let Kahr do their job at the necessary pace. Shoot it like you stole it when you get it back. As far as the P9, I don't think you'll find too many negative comments or issues with this tried and true design. The P380 was built pushing the envelope and sometimes needs a little TLC.

Hope all goes well and sorry you had to be without your new friend for a spell.

Hey Dan,

Appreciate your insight into this.

I guess that I will have to wait.

I agree that I would not like to have to send it back numerous times for the same problem.

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