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How Many Guns Do You Need

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My answer will always be................ONE MORE !!!!!!!
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Got to have one of everything.!!!!
I have finally admitted to myself that ONE MORE is not enough. My wife claims that accepting
and admitting the truth is the first step to a cure. Since recently obtaining my C&R license it
has become clear that I'm not even satisfied with one of everything!
I have heard of cases such as yours. I think the affliction is called........GAS.......and yes, you have it bad. Unfortunatly there is no known cure !! By the way in laymans terms that is.......Gun Acquisition Syndrome. The only known treatment is to keep the victim comfortable by acquiring more guns, so that the afflicted one can lead as normal a life as possible !!!!!!!
Anybody else think the c&r is a scam to get nuts to buy greasy rusty old relics no one else wants?

It worked on this nut!!!
Once I found 5 rifles under my bed I forgot I had!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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