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Howdy from Arizona...

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Took me a while to get on line here, but here I am. ;D Bought a black two screw side plate P380 at LGS last week for $500+tax. Kahr was almost brand NIB with both magazines, paperwork, lock and plastic box. SN- RB09xx.

After a clean, lube and buff it was off to the range. P380 digested 50 rounds of TULA with some effort, FTF, mostly. 25 rounds of American Eagle and 25 rounds of PMC went thru with no issues. Some Remington JHP and Hornady CD were fed and ejected w/o problems. Little Kahr DOES NOT LIKE Russian ammo.

P380 is presently in gun safe while Ruger LCP does daily CC chores around Tucson.
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