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I can hardly take the wait!!!!!

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I have 2 P380's on order from different places...1 at a local small gun shop and a P380 and a LCP on order from a local guy with an FFL. He orders his guns from a pretty large supplier that had 35 P380's come in and go out before I got my order in(1 month ago). I am now #5 on this big suppliers list for the P380. I figured the LCP would come in before the P380 but no luck so far. I'm not even sure I want the LCP....I've been shooting a freind of mine's LCP occasionally at at the range and I hate it. Shooting standard ammo it still hurts my hand and requires me to re-grip after every shot. This is going to be my pocket gun so I need to know I can take multiple shots without any grip issues. I'm really looking forward to shooting the P380 with all the reports of how nice it is to shoot. I have built up plenty of ammo....now I just need the gun to come in! Sorry I have nothing to report...just wanted to flap my gums a little bit......
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I sold my LCP a month after I got it. A copy of Kel Tecs P3AT, and I like my P3AT better, but sold it with I got my P380. Love the P380 for sure. I also have 2 Kel Tec P32 that I like. I have a Ruger LCR it really fits in the pocket nice and the trigger is outstanding.
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