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1. Motocrossed and Hare Scrambled race motorcyles
2. Owned and built a dune buggy
3. Got kids (after married)
4. Able to have made a good living
5. beside injuries have good health
6. Sailed boats and lived the life for 20 yrs.
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I am glad I have 3 healthy daughters, 8 grand children (2 of them girls), and a wonderful wife for 54 years, even if she is very intolerant of guns!
I miss the days when I had a '39 Ford, 2 '40s (a sedan and convertible), a model A pickup and a '50 Ford, all at the same time, the model A pick-up and the '39 never ran but I had less than $500 invested in all of them! Do I ever wish I hung on to them? YES!
Cars to Kahrs! :crazysmile:
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