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I like the little P380

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I really like it. I understand the break in and other drawbacks, but I just like this little thing.
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Very nice!!! I'm waiting on the cw
They are sweet little guns........
I love mine in all black. Nobody knows when its in my pocket. : )
I bought mine in 2012. Had owned a LCP since 2009 (well, I still do for that matter.) I realized I had put 156 rds through the LCP, because I just HATED to shoot it. Decided to run a full box through. At 36rds my trigger finger literally had blood coming out of the side from a blister that had formed and then popped and bled during that number of rounds.

Went back to the desk and borrowed a P380. This range gun looked like it hadn't been cleaned since the Clinton administration. I shot a box through it as fast as I could keep it fed, sore finger and all. It was a delight and had no malfunctions. I ordered one on the spot (they had none in the case or I'd have gone home with it.)

Decided not to trade the LCP, but it's locked away and will probably never be shot again.

Since then I've put 600 through the P380 without incident. What a great carrying, great shooting little pocket pistol.
Me too. I'm a also a convert from the LCP. I actually didn't mind shooting elsie, and loved the size but couldn't cure the smiley issue (google if you don't know what that is) and didn't want to accept it. Now that I've been to the range a few times with the P380, I'm sure we made the right choice for more reasons than just that. It's really about as fine as a gun can possibly be in that size.

I actually joined this forum before I got the gun, looking for info about it which I found. Now that I'm sold I'll try to contribute a little too.
Sounds great....glad to have you here....
like toney says: congrats (but dont forget, he also says: condrats sometimes, hehehehe!

IMO, lcp,p3at want stand a chance against my cw380 kahr. Iam talking bout shootin lots of ammo. I have a dillon super 1050 set up on 380acp/free brass and bullets.

I do think and have stated l like to break kahrs in with lots of ammo. If it (your new p380) spits a lil' just keep shootin.

Hell, l have a taurus new D model TCP with 900rnds thru it already. Yep, it and cw have been 100%. I like to shoot the hell out of em or they cant stay here.

sig938,xds45,TCP,micro desert eagle,G-26,(sub 2000/40s&w-glock),cw380KAHR
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I really like the weight of the p3at and especially the p32. I wish someone would make a really small slick 32.
Welcome to the forum Gun Papa and NoGaBiker! I got a CM9 last year but really like the size of the CW380 and will get one some day!
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