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If I won the lotto and could get any small carry pistol I would upgrade my cm9 to a pm9.
Not saying I wouldn't need a few more safes!!!!
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The PM9 is a great little pistol.
If I won the lottery, if buy a whole lot of toys, er, I mean guns. :D
Okay... I would like your opinion about an IF question that I have in my mind. All over the net the 380's are being harassed as a real gun want to be and the owners questioned about their sanity. But what if carrying my Glock 19 is just the wrong fit for what I am wearing and I don't want to walk around feeling naked and unprotected?? isn't it better to have something rather then nothing? I just purchased my P380 last Saturday and I love the inconspicuous aspect of this soooo much I am almost tempted to trade in my 19 for another Pocket rocket. My wife already has her eyes set on the P380 Black Rose edition gun. EXPENSIVE yes but I would go to the ends of the earth to have her want to go shooting with me!!
Anyway, from my perspective I am not walking down the street looking for a fight. I am not going to involve myself in a situation unless I am left without choice. So fire away your opinions and give me a reason to keep my Glock 19 instead of trading it in on another smaller framed gun!!
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I really never felt undergunned with my 380, just couldn't shoot it as much as I wanted cause of the cost over the 9mm.

If i would have known my wife would fall for a p238 I'd probably held on to my p3at.

So now ive got her p32 I thought she'd never ever give up. Even carry it some but have been carrying a revolver or two for bugs.
I carried a P380 for a while last year. It was a sweet little gun. I ended up trading on another gun only because I got some tactical shorts to wear in the hot weather and carried another weapon. Now I'm sorry I traded it away. I used hydrashoks or golden saber sdf ammo and didn't feel unprotected carring it at all. The single stack Kahrs, Pm's, Cm's and Cw series are great guns to carry concealed.
If i would have known my wife would fall for a p238 I'd probably held on to my p3at.

Actually, the Sig P238 is her second choice. I have my eye out for a Colt Mustang Pocket Lite but they are a little hard to track down right now. The reason I went for the P380 is that it is really compact and from what I read the recoil is not too bad considering its size. I have to admit, Sig put together a bunch of good looking little packages with the P238's but I just can't seem to pull the trigger. (pardon the Pun) I looked at the LCP and considered the purchase on price alone but before I did, I had to take a look at the more expensive Kahr. The difference was night and day. It is like a Snap On tool vs a china made tool IMHO and the size of the P380 was smaller, decision made. When I got home and told my wife about the $$ I just spent and showed her the gun I was actually surprised because she was not upset about the money. She would rather have the quality over the lower price. I guess I am just a lucky guy!!
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You pretty much hit the nail on the head, and I like your analogy as well. I have also owned the Sig P238 and it was a great gun as well. I just traded it a few weeks ago towards a Kahr K40. To me it shot about the same as the P380, just heavy for its size as its a metal gun. I just didn't carry or shoot it anymore so I made a practical decision to move on. If I wanted to stick it (P238) in a gym shorts pants pocket the weight became a factor, not so with the P380. So I do regret trading it off, and am considering another or the soon to be released cw380.
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