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Initial outing with new P380

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I got a new P380 a week ago. Spent the last week rounding up enough ammo to give it a try. Went to the range today and of course forgot the targets so I had to use some old shot up targets. Given the condition of the targets, it appears to shot a little low at 25' but not much. When the snow is gone I will go back and shoot off sand bags. So on to the shooting, I did not bother to clean the gun, I just loaded it up and shot. The first 30 were Winchester white box FNJ, no problems. Next were some S&W FNJ, about 30, no problems. Next were Win Silver Tip JHP, the second bullet jammed in the throat. I locked the slide back, removed the mag, re-inserted the mag, released the slide lock and no further problems. Burned up about 70 Silver Tips. Then there were about 15 CCI Blazers, aluminum case JHP, no problems. Finally I tried the high dollar Remington JHP and again no problems. Total shots about 150 with only the one problem with the Silver Tips, which are now gone any way. Clearly no problem keeping every shot in a paper plate at 25' and likely keep them all in a 4" dia. or less, one to two hand shooting. For you IDPAer's, there would be no problem taking a Mozambique with this gun. So this gun is now my primary carry piece, mainly due to the conceal-ability. ;D
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