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Intro mpd563

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I don't have a P380 yet. :'( I do have a Kahr PM9 and a LCP in the pocket pistol catagory. ;D
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Great to have you here mpd. By golly, this is my first post too. Pretend your PM9 shrunk from being in the hot wash too long, and bingo, you've got a P380. I owned a PM9 fo many years. 'Never had a bit of trouble with it but found it a hair too heavy for front pocket carry - but that was me. The P380 solved straight away, albeit at the expense of firepower though I gotta tell you, Buffalo Bore has caused me to re-think a little about the .380 as a defense round.

I've got my CT laser on my LCP so I now alternate between the two guns depending on the circumstances. I look forward to reading your posts.
Yea I can definatly agree with you on the weight. It is a might heavy. I was hoping to carry the PM9 on my ankle but I don't see it happening due to the weight. That is the reason I purchased my first P3AT and then later the LCP. The weight of these little buggers is unreal. What, about 11oz loaded for the LCP? And small enough to fit in a back pocket and look like a wallet! I have a Glock 27 but rarely carry it mostly due to its weight (when fully loaded) and somewhat due to its thickness. The PM9 solved the thickness issue and almost solved the weight issue. Just not quite light enough though to replace my LCP. ;D
My take exactly but others have no problem. The weight of the LCP and P380 are pretty much my comfort level for pocket carry. Anything heavier and I opt for a conventional IWB or OWB holster.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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