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is there a clipdraw for [email protected]

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is there a clip to attach directly on the p380, I know they have them for the ruger but I have not found any for p380. They have universal clips that stay on with glue but I wouldn't trust that. It's suppose to be screwed to the back of the slide. I can just drill and tap the back plate like they do for the ruger but I want to find a kit with another plate already tapped.
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The set up actually is fiest double sided tape that you place the first metal strip, with screw holes over. Then you place the clip on that and the hex screws go into the lower portion of the bottom metal strip. The holes are in the upper portion of the clip. Works great on my Mak.
You've probably gotten way past this by now, but the universal with the tape strip works just fine. The only issue I've ever had with them is getting too much solvent and oil around it during cleaning and it can get mushy. But when you buy one, they send you 6 adhesive strips. Have them on my PM9 and P380 for over 6 months and have never had any slippage or failure.
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